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Mabry Hall


   If you're here, hopefully you've read one of my books and enjoyed it enough to want to know more about me. My childhood was spent in central Mississippi, and the best parts of that time were the days spent at my grandparents' farms. I've spent my life trying to recreate that feeling of safety and love. (No, there weren't any murders.)

   College and grad school years were spent in Texas. Houston was a great place to be a twenty-something. When I married, my husband moved me to Shreveport, Louisiana, where we raised two handsome, brilliant, and charming kids. Both of them have tap-danced all over my heart with their decisions to move to New England. I suppose I should feel lucky that they didn't move to any of the remote places around the globe that I carted them to over the years as we vacationed.

   After a lifetime spent reading "serious" fiction, I find that my heart wants to laugh. I'm filling my idle hours creating the sort of books that I like to read. I hope my words bring you amusement as you go along with me to an imaginary version of a wonderful part of the country. You won't find Berryville on a map of Louisiana, but you will find friendly people and beautiful countryside.  Come and visit!

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